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beamychron live
_ pch _   amy and i spent two weeks driving up the west coast
_ margaux _   i went to california for margaux's wedding
_ vancouver 13 _   i went to vancouver to visit alex for new years
_ glacieryellow _   glacer, yellowstone and the grand teton national parks
_ sutton11 _   back to the island for maybe the last time
_ ascutneyhillclimb _   mount ascutney hill climb
_ 70-200 _   our first snow shoe up to the palisades, and my first outting with the new 70-200mm lens
_ newyear2011 _   new years eve day snow shoe, then we retired to the logz for lobz
_ tgiving10 _   thanksgiving v2.0 at the logz
_ capefish _   jp's post-wedding matchelor fishing expedition
_ cali10 _   we went to california wine country
_ shammy2010 _   amy ran her first 5k of the 2010 season
_ newyear2010 _   2010 new year at the lake
    these next two are way overdue
_ harpoon09 _   amy ran in the harpoon 5k this past october. it's for a good cause - beer
_ chad09 _   amy ran her second half marathon this past summer. it's for a good cause - cancer research
_ alaskavid09 _   rock climbing mecca, new paltz ny
_ alaskavid09 _  

alaskan beamymoon video:
part one

_ sutton09video _   sutton island, now in video
_ sutton09 _   this has been the summer of fun
_ alaska09 _   alaskan beamymoon
_ lupin _  

we've been doing our best to cultivate the spread of lupin on our hill

_ byedavid _  

we went to send off david, mary and aimee to the pacific northwest

motion picture

_ brehmfam _   a brehm family portrait session
_ efestivus _   an engagement festivus for the restivus
_ spring09 _  

spring is here finally, i think

motion picture

_ chicago _   we went to the windy city for the wedding of the year and loved it (the wedding and the city)
_ rabbit09_  

we retreated to rabbit hill

_ wedding _   that's mr and mrs beamy, to you
_ sutton08 _   back to sutton
_ jeepjam08 _   jeff and amy took me on another jeep jamboree
_ jeffamy _   we went to celebrate the marriage of jeff and amy but i mostly just took pics of the kids drawing on the driveway
_ katahdin _   we drove to baxter state park to celebrate my 30th. our climb was cut short by some nasty weather but we've learned from prior hikes to be safe instead of sorry.
_ mollyfest _   molly fest
_ bears _   new neighbors?
_ bmw _   the next chapter
_ holts ledge _   snowshoeing: it's our new thing
_ fernalds _   the fernald family decended on cambridge for a 90th birthday celebration and a long overdue reunion
_ snowshoes _   we got the snowshoes
_ newyear08 _   welcome 2008
_ bestonxmas07 _   introducing the star of the beston family christmas 2007
_ xmaslogz _   it's christmas time again at the logz
_ we got snow _   we got the snow and it's only december!
_ punkins07 _  

it's time for pumpkins!!!

_ lifted _   jeff and i lifted his jeep up 3.5 inches
_ amyfrance _   amy went to france with her mom back in September
_ cardigan colors _   our yearly visit to mt cardigan for peeping the leaves
_ jeep07 _  

jeff invited me to a jeeping, camping and lobster weekend over in bethel, maine

_ amychad07 _   amy battles through intense heat, humdity and a raging thunder storm to finish her first half marathon!
_ herc07 _   i participated in a 4.5 mile speed hike up and down sugarbush mountain
_ sutton07 _   we went back to maine for more lobster
_ engagement _   one ring to rule them all

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