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_ memorial 07 _   we had a pretty action packed memorial weekend
_ wii _   golf in our pjs on a rainy sunday afternoon
_ aftermath _   a storm ripped through our area the other night. this is the aftermath around the corner from our house. we were very lucky
_ dbrew _   we attended a home brew workshop at the d-acres sustainable farm today
_ quebec _   we went to the chateau frontenac in quebec for amy's 30th birthday frenchstravaganza
_ cannon07 _   doug and i went out to cannon for some super bowl sunday savings
_ snowwalk _   we went for a walk in the woods behind the house this afternoon while the bears sleep
_ 30 rabbits _   my grandparents brought us back to rabbit hill for dualing, 30/80, birthdays
_ shop till i drop _   i made this movie back in college and i'm really happy to have found the missing file
_ new roof _  

that's right, we've got a roof now just like you

a special thanks to JP for the new PHP treatment

_ newyear2007 _   we had our first new year at the logs
_ xmas2006 _   i headed down to georgia for some good old christmas sickness
_ lights06 _   our first christmas lights
_ power out_   we loose power a lot
_ flying roof_   introducing the great flying roofini!!
_ reverse _   we decided to swap the dining room and living room yesterday to great effect [see original layout here]
_ harpoon5k _   amy competes in her second 5k at the harpoon octoberfest
_ cardigan _   i like to hike mt cardigan around this time of year for its bald top and easy views. my co-worker and his family joined me
_ recent 06 _   i've been trying to take more shots lately and then tweaking them for better or worse on the computer. here's an update
_ chairs _   we bought some chairs on our trip to maine. check em out
_ sutton 06 _   the morgans return to sutton island!!!! [we missed you alex]
_ first logs _   we are moved into THE LOGS!
_ logs _  

we are now trying to buy this house. wish us luck!

we did, thanks

_ clark _  

we might buy this house

we didn't

_ california _   amy's trip to california
_ applympics _   we invited applympians from all across the globe to participate in the first annual apple olympics hosted here in lebanon, nh
_ eisenhower and monroe _   another death hike completed over eisenhower and monroe bringing the 4000' total up to 11
_ liberty and flume _   mt liberty and flume will never be the same after domination by team beamy
_ cape05 _   we hit up the cape again this year '05. someone has to
_ madison _   jeff and his amy went to hike mt madison with me and my amy this weekend
_ rabbit _   we went to the rabbit hill inn for our second anniversary and let ourselves eat cake (and puzzles)
_ riverflow _   it rained pretty hard last night and helped melt most of the remaining snow. the rivers are flowing
_ snowy _   we finally got a decent snowfall this year
_ jayjay _  

operation jayjay: completed

operation loon: terminated

_ optio s5i _   the new pentax means we'll actually bring the camera with us from now on
_ beamy _   the beamy chronicles: we've moved in!
_ donnybee _   the return of donnybee
_ beer _   beer olympics : summer games 2004
_ cape _   the morgans return to the quinlan compound after an extended absense down _at_ the cape
_ 5000' challenge _   let's just say the 5000' crew are lucky to be alive
_ anniversary _   one year later
_ fingers _   sunday with the fingers
_ moose _   beamy chronicles: we mount the moose
_ year _   year in review '03
_ georgia _   i spent some time in georgia after college
_ cruise _   my family went on a cruise this past christmas '02. my camera tried to sleep with the fishes but i foiled its plans. i was unable to revive it, however [rip]
_ sun show _   i was sitting on my rear when i noticed the sun setting below what had been a day covered in angry clouds
_ kind of the mountain _   jeff brehm and i attack the loop up and around mt washington: check here for a trail map
_ old timey _   summer touring in a model a
_ blizzard in worcester _   the storm of the decade that couldn't
_ spring break : day 1 _   maple farming
_ meow _   sydney
_domo arigato _   a watershed collaboration between PJ and myself. i'd also like to say it was an honor working with styx

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